1st October 2018 -

International Repair Day - repairing together
On Saturday 20th October, celebrate International Repair Day with us!

This initiative was created by the Open Repair Alliance, which London-based charity The Restart Project co-founded last year.

This year's edition will highlight our right to repair the stuff we own. In line with the rising Right to Repair movement, the day aims to lower barriers to repair, and improve product design so that items last longer, in turn preventing e-waste from going into landfill. Find more information about current campaigns and learn more about International Repair Day here.

There are loads of ways you can join in with the day - you could attempt to fix something on your own or drop by a community repair event in your area to learn, or perhaps teach, some skills!

It's also a great day to visit a local repair business in your area and get something repaired. Check out the Repair Directory, which lists repairers in nine London boroughs, and find one closest to you.

In London, community events will be taking place across the city. Amongst others, there'll be a Restart Party in Kentish Town and a Repair Cafe in Leytonstone. If you can't find an event in your area, you could set one up with a local community group! Get in touch for updates, and also if you plan to run an event on the day.

Finally, make sure to spread the word and share pictures of your fixes on the day using #RepairDay on social media!