22nd September 2016 - Violetta.Lynch

Martina Randles, the founder of Jumble Trail, talked to us about how Jumble Trail started, what her job involves and why she loves it so much.

Can you tell us a bit about how Jumble Trail came about?

I'd just moved to Clapton and wanted to get to know my neighbours better. I always search for a sense of community wherever I go, as it's really important to have conversations with people from all walks of life rather than 'just' my peers. I love jumble, always have; the hunt and surprise of what you'll find is a massive buzz for me. I lived in Bristol and Melbourne and both these places contributed to the birth of Jumble Trail. It was a combination of Bristol Art Trails and Melbourne garage sales, I would get on my bike before I really knew anyone and cycle around the city looking for garage sales. I was skint and also enjoyed the exploration. 

What does your role involve?

Currently I'm a one-stop-shop for everything and it can get quite lonely. I have an investor (who funded the web build and plays more of a silent partner role) and I work with great people. All the business decisions are down to me, which is a lot of responsibility so I'm currently looking for a more 'business' minded partner to collaborate with going forward. For Jumble Trail to grow, I need an extra pair of hands. On an average day, you might find me mentoring a Champion, providing web support, getting involved in finance, planning social media or managing a project, amongst many other things! I guess I really enjoy interacting with people; connection with others is a very powerful and inspiring thing.

Why do you love working on Jumble Trail?

Because I can say I came up with an idea and turned it into reality! I get a huge buzz when I see its own listings section, and when a friend messaged me to say they were having a Jumble Trail on The Archers, it was amazing. In all honesty though, I just had an idea and it became a thing. There was so much hard work involved to get to where I am today, but it has all been worth it.

Has there been a standout Jumble Trail for you, and why?

I guess there was a Clapton Jumble Trail which was kinda crazy. We had 13,000 people say they were attending and 350+ stalls registered. It was huge! To mobilise that amount of people was a very proud moment for me and something I'll never forget. Since moving from Clapton, I've missed Hackney heaps as there is such a strong sense of community there. That said, I've been to so many lovely Jumble Trails in places such as Montpelier, Bushwood and St James, as well as plenty outside of London that I've watched in awe. We are having a massive uptake in Manchester at the moment. 

What does being a Champion involve?

Being a Champion (Jumble Trail organiser) isn't an easy task. It involves dealing with the public, being the event host, getting everyone to sign up for the event and organising them. Main tasks are posting flyers through neighbours' doors, in cafes, libraries etc, being active on social media, responding to emails, and generally being a superstar! It can be hard work, but seeing everyone come together on the day and knowing you've helped bring the community together is very satisfying.

Jumble Trail stall

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