12th September 2016 - Violetta.Lynch

We’ve had a great start to Recycle Week here in London. At 8 o’clock this morning we were down at the Southbank luring passers-by into our Portaloo confessional booth – exchanging confessions of their worst bathroom habits for rolls of toilet paper printed with hints and tips about recycling from the bathroom.

And loads of people did! (Confess, that is.) Some too lurid to share here, they ranged from ‘spending too long in the bath’ (not a bad habit, if you ask me – more a necessity!) to leaving the seat up and toenails on the side of the bath. Yuck.

Bad bathroom confession at Southbank

But everyone we spoke to agreed that recycling from the bathroom was a pretty good habit to get into. We really enjoyed getting out and about and were delighted at how willing people are to get into conversations about recycling and much more. And we’ll be doing it all over again on Wednesday, this time in Brixton opposite the Tube – so come along and ‘fess up, London! We’ll be ready with the loo rolls.





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