Different types of recycling boxes with recyclable rubbish

Recycling 101

Your recycling services

during the latest COVID-19 lockdown

Most services are running as normal!

London’s councils, and those responsible for collecting and processing our recycling and rubbish, are working hard to make sure your service is taking place as usual, without any disruptions.

Collections from households are currently taking place as normal across London, and tips and recycling centres are also still open.

There are staff shortages though, so your bin collections might take place at different times than usual. If you put your bins out and they aren’t collected when they usually are, don’t worry, they will still be emptied! If more staff go off sick, then councils might need to reduce or suspend some services,  such as garden waste and bulky waste collections.

Head on over to our services at a glance page, click on your borough and scroll to the bottom for useful onward links to council web pages with the latest updates.

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As most of us are now staying at home, we’re creating more  waste than we usually would, which is putting pressure on services, so we need your help!

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Regularly check your local council’s website for updates. You can find useful links to your council site on our services at a glance borough pages
  2. If you’ve had a clear-out, hold on to your stuff is possible. If you can’t, local tip and recycling centres are still open, but many have booking systems in place, so check online before setting out on a journey
  3. Make the most of your stuff by wasting less, re-using or re-purposing! Every bit of waste you can avoid will make a real difference and help to maintain a good service for everyone. For lots of ideas for reducing your waste, head on over to our waste prevention pages
  4. Throw disposable facemasks and gloves in your rubbish bin. Not only can these not be recycled, but they also pose a risk to bin collection crews and works in recycling plants. If you want to reduce your waste and save money, invest in a reusable mask!
  5. Double-bag your rubbish if you’re self-isolating and feeling ill. Government guidance is to set aside your potentially infected waste for 72 hours before throwing into your outside bin
  6. Always wash your hands after handling your rubbish and recycling and remember to keep at least 2 meters away from the crews who are emptying your bins. If you want to go the extra mile, then you could also disinfect bin handles