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Primark Cares is our commitment to doing better, every day – making more sustainable products everyone can afford, reducing our impact on the planet and improving the lives of workers.

Primark has been working to become a more sustainable business for the past ten years, but Primark Cares accelerates this.

By 2030, all our clothes will be made from recycled or more sustainably sourced material, although today this is already over a quarter. All our clothes will be specially designed to be recycled and to be worn for longer.

And while some may associate Primark with trends and fashion, actually more than half of what we sell are basics like tee shirts, hoodies or PJs, that we want customers to keep, wear and love for longer.

Our Love it for Longer Repair workshops are part of our ambition to give clothes a longer life, helping people to repair and rewear and having some fun along the way!

Check out the events we’re running throughout Repair Week: