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Browse through our directory of schemes and companies that can help you waste less and recycle more.

Sign up as a Refill business and let your customers refill their water bottles for free. Keep London hydrated and plastic waste free.

Planet Minimal provides waste-free cleaning product supplies in refillable containers that are delivered to you by electric vehicles.

If you’re a food business, sign up to Too Good To Go and you can reduce your food waste, earn a little extra and meet new customers.

Cupclub will deliver, track and collect re-usable cups reducing your need for single-use ones.

Smile Plastics creates panels from waste that you can use in lots of different business settings.

If you need new office furniture, Rype Office remanufactures used furniture and creates new items from waste.

Use the electronic recycling service from to safely and securely recycle electronic devices you no longer need.

Partnering with CleanConscience will reduce your waste as a hotel, by recovering partially used soap and toiletries for redistribution.

Winnow Solutions helps chefs easily record and monitor food waste, reducing both your food waste and costs.