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Recycling in London
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Find your local recycling bank

Enter your postcode to find your nearest recycle bank and what items you can recycle at home.

Instead of shopping the sales this year, why not take the time to love what you already have? ♻️ 

We’ll be spending our Black Friday Weekend repairing what we own, swapping with friends and buying secondhand! Will you join us? 👀
❗️ When it comes to recycling, nobody is perfect. 

♻️ To make sure you’re being as responsible as possible with your rubbish, use the London Recycles Recycling Locator and check your rubbish before you bin it. ♻️
♻️ It’s Recycle Week this week and we’re celebrating by asking YOU to join us on the big recycling hunt and find all the items that you’re binning when you could be recycling them instead ✨ 

👭Did you know that 18-34 year olds are the age group most likely to bin something that could be recycled ?? 

👀 if that sounds like you, take a look at our Recycling Locator (link in bio) and find out what can be recycled in your borough !
We use 7 million disposable coffee cups EVERY DAY in the UK❗They can't be recycled in normal recycling.

Some places have dedicated bins where the liquid, lid and cup can be recycled separately ♻️ And some businesses use a specific recycling service for them. 

We made this post after spotting a recycling bin full of coffee cups 😔 and needing some dinosaur content to cheer us up! 🦕
☕However you drink yours this International Coffee Day remember to recycle!♻️

The secret to great coffee is people! That’s why we're dedicating our coffees this Sunday to the workers who produce it. There must be a right to a safe and healthy working environment in the coffee supply chain.  #CoffeePeople   #InternationalCoffeeDay   #RecycleYourGrounds   #Recycle
🍅 If you recycle it your food waste can go on to provide electricity or compost!⚡

 #foodwaste   #foodenergy   #recycle   #foodrecycling   #londonrecycles   #internationaldayofawarenessonfoodlossandwastereduction
🍓 You can recycle plastic fruit punnets! ♻️ Just make sure they're clean and any padding in them is removed ✅ 

Text: Can I recycle fruit punnets? Yes! Like most plastic tubs and trays, fruit punnets can go in your normal recycling bin but... They need to be clean and if there's any padding it needs to be removed before recycling.
Single use period products are usually made of plastic, which can end up in the ocean when flushed, or add to the plastic waste that goes to incinerators or landfill. As a stretch goal this Plastic Free July we suggest trying out reusable period products. There are a lot of options now so it's easier to find something that works for you.

Text: Stretch goals. Take your period plastic free. Invest in reusable sanitary products to keep plastic out of our oceans.

 #plasticfreejuly   #reusable   #plasticfree   #londonrecycles   #london
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