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Recycling in London
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Find your local recycling bank

Enter your postcode to find your nearest recycle bank and what items you can recycle at home.

Eid Mubarak! 🎉 With lots of celebratory meals being transported across London to share with loved ones this week, make sure you recycle any foil trays used.

Just give them a rinse to remove any residue, before adding to your recycling bin.

For more info on what food packaging can be recycled or not, check out the London Recycles site at the link in our bio.
Recycling food waste is super easy and can help power London’s homes 🍌🍏

Most councils in London now collect food waste, though not all! Visit our website via the link in bio and check our ‘services at a glance area’ to see if food waste is collected in your area.
🐰 Hunting for Easter eggs this weekend? Make sure you know which parts of the packaging can be recycled or not.

Swipe through to learn more and check the London Recycles site for details on your local recycling services.
Missed out on Repair Week? Still got that broken belonging to fix? You're in luck - there's more repair events taking place this week! 

🔗 Click the link in our bio to see all repair events or check out our Repair Directory to find year-round repair services near you.

 #RepairWeekLDN   #LoveItForLonger   #FitItDontDitchIt
🧵 Repair Week 2024 has officially come to an end ! 🔧 

🗺️ We’ve had such a great time seeing all of the weird and wonderful repair workshops that London has to offer. Is there an area of repair that we didn’t cover that you would love to see next year?? Let us know in the comments 🖥️ 

Didn’t make it down to a workshop? There are still a few events taking place this week! 🤫 Take a look at the link in our bio to find one near you 🔗
🔧Ever wondered how to change a faulty fuse on a plug? 

The West Central London Fixers are here to help in this handy how-to guide.👨‍🔧

👉Inspired to get mending? There’s still time to get yourself down to an event! Click the link in our bio to find one near you 🔗
Tomorrow may be the last day of Repair Week, but it's not too late to get involved! 

There's still a handful of great workshops taking place across London, to get your stuff fixed and learn new skills.

🔗 See all Repair Week events at the link in our bio.

 #RepairWeekLDN   #FixItDontDitchIt   #LoveItForLonger
Looking for something to do this weekend? Why not join one of many repair events taking place across London?

On the penultimate day of Repair Week, there's loads of opportunities to gain new skills and fix your broken belongings. Take a look at what's planned for tomorrow and let's get mending!

🔗 See all Repair Week events at the link in bio

 #RepairWeekLDN   #FixItDontDitchIt   #LoveItForLonger
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Business recycling

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