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@sheffhallamuni students Dominic, Max and Oscar have created plant pots made from river waste! Not only are they reusing waste, they're donating 5% of all their sales to charity!

Great work guys! 😊

 <a href=#reuse [image description: Dominic, Max and Oscar standing proud in-front of their recycled plant pots]" />
 <a href=#RecycleYourElectricals You know that drawer full of electrical items you no longer need? The one with the chargers and random cables that have been sat there for months on end... Yeah, that one - we all have one of those. Why not create some space and recycle it all with @recycleyourelectricals_ 😊 Head on over to their profile for lots of useful info, to find your local drop-off point and claim back that drawer! 🙌" />
We're halfway through  <a href=#PlasticFreeJuly ! We know you already make an effort to use less plastic on a daily basis, but let this be a gentle nudge to encourage you to keep going this month and beyond. ♻ 🌍 Top tip: an easy swap is to invest in a reusable mask. They look cool, save money in the long-term and help to reduce textile waste too - it's a win-win! [image description: animation promoting reusable mask. Someone stands on a disposable mask and reusables pop up! The text accompanying video is 'Swap single-use... for re-use!']" />
Ditch the plastic! Use a natural loofah 🧼

You'll get more than just an outer glow when you lather up with a natural, compostable loofah, we promise!

 <a href=#PlasticFreeJuly [image description: Moving image, 'Go plastic-free. Lather up with a loofah' text in white. Purple plastic loofah is shown to be swapped with a beige natural loofah on a coral backdrop]" />
Recycling just 3 caddies of  <a href=#foodwaste could generate enough energy to show the #Wimbledon men's singles finals on the big screen at Murray Mound. 🍓 Londoners! #UseYourCaddy [image description: Moving image showing how recycling food waste can be used to create energy. Backdrop is a big screen at Wimbledon on Murray Mound]" />
Life in plastic, isn’t fantastic. Swap your soap, shampoo, and conditioner bottles for bars this month!  <a href=#PlasticFreeJuly [video description: 'Go plastic free' video showcasing how you can swap a soap dispenser for a bar]" />
Let's wipe the slate clean! Turn worn-out clothes into cleaning cloths, then recycle them  <a href=#plasticfreejuly #mondaymotivation [image description: Video content. 'Trade baby wipes for old clothes'. Moving image of a packet of wipes followed by a pile of colourful clothes]" />
🚨 Reminder 🚨 

Baby wipes, make up wipes, cleaning wipes and moist toilet tissues are not recyclable and shouldn’t be flushed down the toilet either (although some labels say they can be!).

You should always throw them in your rubbish bin. 

[image description: someone holding a wet wipe up with the word 'NO' in black ink. Background is orange]
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