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Recycling in London
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Enter your postcode to find your nearest recycle bank and what items you can recycle at home.

We're halfway through  #PlasticFreeJuly  and sharing one of our top tips to help you say no to single use plastic ❌ 

The @refillhq app provides a map of refillable places near you. Whether you're looking for a free water top up, somewhere to refill your toiletries, or a coffee shop that offers discounts for using a reusable cup - the refill app has them all! 

Not in London this summer? No problem, the app is global 🌍 

📲 Download to join the  #RefillRevolution .
It's no secret that London's homes can be a little short on space, meaning lots of us only have one main indoor bin (usually in the kitchen). This means our recycling ends up in a pile next to it, or worse, ends up chucked in the rubbish bin along with everything else. 

To make recycling easier and less of an eye sore, we're bringing you some  #Binspiration  - a series of hacks to ensure you can store and dispose of recycling properly 🚮 

Here's number one - storing your recycling under the sink. No need to buy a new bin, just use a bag for life, bucket, basket or whatever large container you can find. 

Stay tuned for more bin hacks!
Have we got good news for you! 👍

There's lots of positive things happening in London and beyond that's helping us reduce our waste and do more recycling.

We've rounded up some of our favourite stories seen recently to start your weekend off on a high. Check them out!

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☀️ July is here and with it comes lots of fun and exciting opportunities to hone your repair skills! From visible mending to bike puncture repair, there's something for everyone.

We’ve selected a handful of workshops happening throughout July that we thought you should know about - check out what's happening in your local area.

For more information and booking details, search Eventbrite or contact the event organisers.

Happy mending! 🔨
Did you know, approximately 169,000 tonnes of mattresses end up in landfill each year 🤯 But it doesn’t have to be this way.

If you’re looking to get rid of your mattress or other bedding, visit or contact your local council / reuse and recycling centre to dispose of it responsibly.

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Love festivals, hate waste? 🗑️

Good news! @decathlonuk has launched their No Tent Left Behind scheme, which enables customers to bring their tents back to trade in for a store voucher, regardless of wear and tear!

This scheme will help tackle the 250,000 tents going to landfill each year in the UK. ⛺️

What do you think about the scheme? Let us know 👇

Source: @letsrecycle.com_official 

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Who's watching the game tonight? ⚽

Do the team proud and remember to chuck any empty cans in your recycling bin! 🏆

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Not sure what can or can't go in your food waste caddy? As a good rule of thumb, you can put any food substance in your food waste - cooked or uncooked, mouldy or gone off, edible or inedible. Just make sure it's free from packaging and no liquids – so no milk or cooking oil. 

If food waste isn’t collected in your area, you could always try home composting, but if that’s really not your thing, for now you’ll have to throw it in your rubbish bin. Check the London Recycles site for tips on reducing how much food you chuck!
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