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Recycling in London
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It's Black Friday today. Take a stand against the shopping frenzy and be part of the anti-consumption movement!
Instead of sale-shopping, donate, sell or swap your things instead! 

@lovenotlandfill @nlwaconnect and @wearenuw are holding a series of FREE online clothes swaps for North Londoners. The Stop & Swap will be open from 6:30-8:30pm every week to swap and share your wardrobe with fellow  <a href=#NorthLondoners ! This series of fabulous events includes live talks, tutorials, and a free month subscription to Nuw, not to mention access to #NLWA and #LNL 's exclusive collection each week! Head over to @connectnlwa for info on how to sign up. If you don't live or work in North London, why not set up a virtual clothes swap with your friends and family instead? Or, you could donate or sell your stuff on any of the following platforms: @depop @thisisfreegle @freecycle" />
To all the Americans living in London, and anyone else who celebrates it, Happy Thanksgiving! We know that many of you won't be able to be with your friends and family in person this year, so we're sending positive thoughts your way.

We're grateful for all the Londoners who have kept recycling this year - keep doing your bit, it's really making a difference!

What are you thankful for? Let us know by leaving a comment  below!

Also - did you know that lots of councils offer a food waste recycling service, so to those of you celebrating today with some delicious green bean casserole, candied yams and pumpkin pie, remember to recycle your veg peelings and any other inedible bits.

Not sure if you have a food waste recycling service where you live? DM us with your postcode and we'll find out for you.
Save money and reduce waste by swapping disposable facemasks for reusable ones!

Here are some great UK-based businesses who sell facemasks - check them out!


Masks featured are by @bagsofethics @ffsb.ldn @hackney_mask and LMB
This year has been tough to say the least! Today, we're showing our appreciation to the frontline workers who have been making sure our recycling and rubbish services are running as smoothly as possible, such as Hanadi.

Show your appreciation by leaving a ❤️
Thought of the day: disposable gloves and masks belong in the rubbish. Empty bottles of hand sanitiser belong in the recycling!
Single-use facemasks can't be recycled. Even though they look like paper, they're actually made from mixed plastic and paper and the materials can't be separated for recycling. If you see any disposable facemasks being promoted as recyclable, it's false advertising (as aside from the materials, for hygiene reasons, recycling plants won't accept them)

Unfortunately, recycling plants keep finding disposable masks in the recycling, especially mixed in with paper and card, meaning they're having send whole loads of recycling for incineration/landfill instead 🙁

Please throw disposable facemasks in your rubbish bin, or consider investing in some reusable ones! 😷♻️
How's everyone coping with second lockdown? OK we hope! You'll be happy to hear that recycling and rubbish collections are facing fewer disruptions than first lockdown and are going ahead as normal, so please keep reducing, re-using and recycling as much as you can.

If you're unsure exactly what you can and can't recycle at home, then have a look at the recycling A - Z on our website (link in bio) or DM us with any questions. We're here to help!
Are you  <a href=#Pumpkeen about stopping #foodwaste ? Save the insides of your pumpkin when you're carving - all of it, guts, seeds and flesh - and it can be transformed into all kinds of yummy and healthy dishes! @hellohubbub #EatYourPumpkin #wastenotwantnot #wastefreeliving #halloween #halloween2020 🎃👻🕷️ #zerowastehalloween #zerowastehalloweenideas " />
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