Person sharing clothes in a box

Reduce my waste

Donate, sell and swap

Bored of your stuff? Show some love and pass it on.

Just because you’ve grown tired of your belongings, doesn’t mean you should throw them in the bin. In fact, the bin should your last resort. There are loads of options for giving your things a second life. You can:

  • Donate them to local charity shops
  • Give to friends, family, and colleagues
  • Hold a clothes swapping session with friends or family
  • Sell your stuff or give it away for free on platforms like depop, gumtree, olio, freecycle, freegle… the list is endless
  • You can also sell or give things away using insta or facebook stories
  • Contact your local Furniture Re-use Network. They distribute unwanted furniture and household goods to those in need. If you’re feeling up for learning a new skill, try upcycling instead. There are tonnes tutorials on YouTube!
  • Donate leftover paint to your local charity. To find your nearest scheme visit Community Repaint.
Person sharing clothes in a box

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Reduce my waste