London Recycles One Bin Is Rubbish campaign billboard

Recycling 101

One bin is rubbish. Sort it out.

Lots of us, for whatever reason, only have one main indoor bin (usually in the kitchen). This means our recycling ends up in a pile next to it, or worse, ends up chucked in the rubbish bin along with everything else.

Let’s sort this out once and for all! It’s easy and only takes one action: get another bin (or bag, or box, whatever works for you) just for your recycling. Check out our bin hacks for loads of ideas on how to create lots of extra space for your recycling.

Sorted boxes of household recycling

Recycling rates are on the up in London, which means more and more of us are recycling – go us! But let’s get even better at recycling – all it takes is getting a recycling bin. Check out the recycle rate for your borough on our services-at-a-glance area.

Did you know?

  • Over one third of Londoners have said they would recycle more if they had more than one bin at home
  • More than half of those we surveyed regularly pile their recycling around their rubbish bin
  • Recycling gets that much easier when you have one bin for your rubbish and one bin for your recycling

A-Z of recycling

You can use our A-Z search to find out if something can be recycled and how to recycle it properly.