Plants being grown in recycled plastic cups

About us

London Recycles is the recycling campaign for London

London Recycles is supported by the Mayor of London, collaborates with London’s councils and waste authorities, and is managed by ReLondon.

We’re here to help Londoners recycle more things, more often, and we’re also on a mission to encourage Londoners to reduce the amount they consume by keeping their stuff in use for longer through repairing, sharing, and renting.

About ReLondon

ReLondon is a partnership of the Mayor of London and the London boroughs to improve waste and resource management and transform the city into a leading low carbon circular economy.

We are living through a climate emergency. We believe we can catalyse transformational change in London by inspiring and empowering the action of others. We can mobilise our boroughs, businesses, and citizens to change their policies, practices, and behaviours, to revolutionise the way we use stuff.

Together we can change the world.

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A-Z of recycling

You can use our A-Z search to find out if something can be recycled and how to recycle it properly.