Person recycling in bags for life

Recycling 101

Hack a bin

You don't have to buy another bin for your recycling. There are loads of ways you can create some extra storage for collecting your recycling.

Hack #1

Keep a basket under the stairs, or by the front door, to store your papers/magazines in before taking them to your outdoor recycling bin.

Hack #2

If you have kids, get them to decorate a plastic or cardboard box to store your recycling – not only will it look brighten up your bin area, it’ll encourage them to use it too!

Hack #3

Use bags for life to store bottles for recycling. Hang them on the inside of a kitchen cupboard door or in utility cupboards out of sight.

Hack #4

Store an old bucket under the sink to put your cans, glass and plastic in after you’ve rinsed them out.

Hack #5

Re-use cardboard wine carriers to store glass bottles neatly for recycling.

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