DVDs are now rarely accepted at recycling centres and are generally sent to landfill. A company called Tip Top Media currently accepts old tapes for disposal but there may be a charge for this so please contact them for more information.

If you have DVDs you no longer want, you can...

Sell them and make some money. DVDs that are in good condition can be put back into circulation - your trash will be someone else's treasure! Try Music MagpieZapper or Ziffit.

Pass them on. Friends and family might want them, or you could give them away for free on Freecycle or Freegle. Charity shops are always happy to take donations as well.

...or you can get creative

Cut your discs into small pieces and use them to create a mosaic pattern on picture frames, flower pots or mirrors.

Hang them up in your garden (if you have one!) They look great spinning in the wind and add some fun to your garden

Use discs as coasters