Did you know that aerosols are widely recycled? Not all councils collect them in the recycling bin though, so check our recycling locator to check what your local collection arrangements are!

How to recycle them

  • Make sure they're completely empty

  • Don't try to pierce, crush or flatten them
  • Remove the lid and recycle it separately
  • Aerosols can be stored for ages - so no need to throw out a half empty can!

Did you know?

If everyone in the UK recycled just one more can of air freshener, enough energy could be saved to run a TV in 273,000 homes for a year!

What are aerosols made from?

  • Around 60% are made from tinplated steel

  • Around 40% are made from aluminium

Both steel and aluminium are recyclable. Aerosols also contain some small plastic and rubber parts. These are taken out during the recycling process.