Biscuit tins

biscuit tin

Biscuit tins are made from metal and are therefore widely recycled. However, it's best to reuse them as they are perfect for storage.

Recycling food tins and drinks cans

Food tins and drinks cans are made of metal, which is widely recycled. 

How to recycle metal tins and cans

  • Empty and rinse - left over food and liquid can end up ruining your recycling
  • Leave labels on - they'll come off during the recycling process
  • Leave metal lids on glass containers (e.g. metal jam jar lids) These are made from a different type of metal to cans, tins and aerosols, so they're recycled in a different way. By keeping these lids on glass jars and bottles, you'll help reduce the risk of them getting lost during the sorting process

A quick guide to metal recycling


Drink Cans

Food tins (Pop tin lids inside the tin)

Aerosols (Remove plastic caps and recycle with plastics)

Aluminium foil - Scrunch together to form a ball

Aluminium trays

Aluminium tubes (e.g. tomato puree) - Remove plastic lids

Don't Recycle

Laminated foil (e.g. cat food/coffee pouches that spring back when you try and scrunch them)

Crisp packets and sweet wrappers

Metal containers for chemicals (i.e. white spirits, paints or engine oils) - recycle these at a recycling centre

General kitchenware - recycle these at a recycling centre

Any other metal items (e.g. kettles, irons, pipes, white goods) - recycle these at a recycling centre