Clean household foil and aluminium trays are widely recycled. Check if you can recycle foil at home or find out where your nearest recycling facilities are with our Recycling Locator tool.

How to recycle foil

  • Rinse or wipe off any crumbs or food residue from foil trays and aluminium foil
  • Scrunch kitchen foil, tub and pot lids and wrappers together to form a ball - the bigger the ball, the easier it is to recycle

You can usually recycle these other aluminium items:

  • Drinks cans
  • Screw top lids from wine bottles (recycle with the bottle - screw the lid back on)
  • Takeaway containers and barbeque trays

Are crisp packets recyclable?

You might be surprised that they aren't! Crisp packets are actually made from metallised plastic film which can't be recycled yet. Putting them into your recycling is an easy mistake to make, but they should actually go in your rubbish bin.

Do the scrunch test

Do the scrunch test to check whether your shiny wrapper is aluminium foil or plastic film: scrunch the wrapper in your hand - if it springs back open it’s not recyclable foil.