Tins and cans


Metal packaging is widely recycled.  Enter your postcode in our Recycling Locator tool to find out if you can recycle them at home or where your nearest recycling centre is.

How to recycle them

  • Empty and rinse - food and drink left inside can ruin other items in your recycling

  • Leave labels on - these are removed in the recycling process
  • Pop lids back inside tins
  • Squash/flatten drinks cans to free up space in your recycling

The following items can't be recycled: 

Crisp packets and sweet wrappers - these are actually plastic with a metal film

Laminated foil, such as cat food/coffee pouches - these are also mixed materials

Metal containers for chemicals (i.e. white spirits, paints or engine oils) - take these to your local recycling centre

Kitchen ware (e.g. cutlery, pots and pans) - take these to your local recycling centre