In the UK alone, we use over half a million tonnes of metal packaging and nearly two million tonnes of glass packaging every year.

But glass is 100% recyclable and can be recycled over and over again with no loss of quality - so it gets turned into good-as-new glass items every single time it's melted down and used again. And metals such as aluminium and steel can also be recycled over and over again.

It uses around 95% less energy to make products from recycled materials than it does raw materials - so we save energy every time we recycle our metal and glass.

In fact, if we recycled all the steel we use in a year in the UK, it would save enough energy to make over 50,000 return train journeys between London and Edinburgh!

Every single London council collects tins and cans from your home, and glass bottles and jars can also be recycled everywhere - either through your doorstep collection or bottle banks that you can find everywhere across the capital.  To find out what (and how) you can recycle wherever you are, check out our recycling locator.

Metal and glass facts

  • Recycling one drinks can saves enough energy to power a TV for almost four hours.

  • We currently save enough energy from recycling glass to chill 34 bottles of wine every day for each and every UK household!

  • If we recycled all the steel we use in a year, it would save enough energy to make nearly 50,000 return train journeys between London and Edinburgh.

Top tips for recycling metal and glass

  • Toiletries such as face cream, deodorant and perfume can usually be recycled, so don't forget these bathroom items!
  • Remember to put a bag or a bin in your bathroom just for recycling. Empty air-fresheners, shaving foam cans, after shave and medicine bottles can all be recycled.
  • There are some glass items that can't be recycled. These include window panes, light bulbs and glass ovenware such as Pyrex dishes.
  • Squash lightweight cans to save space in your recycling bin.
  • Had a party? Remember, your glass bottles can usually be recycled at your local supermarket or bottle bank. To find your nearest bottle bank, check the recycling locator.
  • Silver foil used to wrap sandwiches and keep food fresh can be rinsed and recycled along with the other metals.