Stack of old electrical devices

What happens to your recycling?

How are electricals recycled?

Watch this video to find out how:

How are they recycled?

Old or broken electrical items can be taken to council re-use or recycling centres or electrical recycling banks in your local area. Find out where your nearest recycling point is here.

Some retailers also collect them for recycling, such as Curry’s PC World or will take them away when you have new items delivered.

  • These are taken to a re-processing plant and shredded into small pieces
  • After shredding, magnets remove metals like steel
  • Non-magnetic metals are removed using electrical currents
  • Electrical items often contain plastic parts. These are also removed and sorted.

If your items can still be used, you can donate them to charity, give to friends or use sharing apps like Gively, Freecycle and Olio to find them a new home.

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